Monday, 6 January 2020

I seem to have neglected…

…my Blog for ages so here are a few images taken at Burdon Moor over the last month or more (most recent first).







Crow with what looks like a vole

Roe Deer


Tuesday, 3 December 2019


A couple of dozen Redwing were in our churchyard today eating the berries on a holly tree so I took the opportunity to get some images.


I nearly got this one sharp.

Two or three Mistle Thrush were also coming in for the berries.


Tuesday, 29 October 2019

I haven’t posted…

…for a while so here are a few images from Far Pastures from a couple of days ago.


Water Rail


Mrs Teal

Mr Teal

A very dark looking female Wigeon

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

I said I would have…

…to get out and take some pictures, well I did. The next set of images are from work and Burdon Moor. The wife and I had a walk along Burdon Moor yesterday looking for Shield Bugs and she really did get the “bug”. She spotted quite a few and happily pointed them out so I could get some pictures.

Green Shield Bugs. This was in the morning at work.

The same Shield Bugs in the afternoon.

The same Shield bugs the next day. They were still on the same leaf.

Another one from work

And again from work

Summer adult Gorse Shield Bug Burdon Moor

I think this a Final instar Green Shield Bug again Burdon Moor

There was loads of Spiders at Burdon Moor

These Two were disputing a meal

This one is from work

Ladybirds were in good numbers at Burdon Moor

Caddis Fly

Caddis Fly

Common Darters were also out in good numbers at Burdon Moor

As were Speckled Wood Butterflies

Caterpillar at Burdon Moor

A Jay flying over Burdon Moor

At work this Fungi is growing on a load of coal and gravel.