Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sunday started well…

…and got better and better. What more can I say.

Juvenile Grey Wagtail


Peek a Boo

Who do you think you’re looking at


Female (I think) Peregrine with chicks

Having a stretch

Before flying off

In flight

Just posing

Looking a bit irate

I thought at first that she was seeing another bird off

However, the male had brought a small bird in

She took it

Male flying off

Then she flew off with the bird presumably to eat it

Calling for its mate

The birds leg she is feeding to the chick dose not belong to the bird that was brought in and the chick is struggling to eat it

Even the she could not eat it (anyone recognise the ring)

She dropped the leg and had a fly around.

We left it still flying

And got this Wheatear on the way back to the car

Friday, 12 May 2017

Burdon Moor

An early morning and late evening walk around Burdon Moor this week produced some canny photo opportunities.

There were at least four Orange Tips flying around on the evening walk. Two stopped to roost up.

I had the 500mm x 1:4 lens on the camera but they have not turned out too bad.

Willow Warbler

Wren in the early morning light


Roe Deer