Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A few from work

Here are few shots taken at work over the last couple of days.

Dingy Skipper quite a few around over the last couple of days.

Small White

Orange Tip

Speckled Wood. quite a few around yesterday.

Wall Brown

Bee Fly first one I have seen at work

Large Red

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Stars of the show

A drive out before work yesterday to see what was around. Loads of bird song but not many chances to get any pictures as most of the birds were hidden in the now leafy trees and bushes. However, the undoubted stars were the Brown Hare I came across at the bottom of a field. Far too far away (until one did come close) to get any decent shots but I counted at least eight before I had to leave for work that is the most I have ever seen together at any one time.


Monday, 23 May 2016


I was looking around the pond at work for Damselflies on Friday when I got a shout from one of the lads. He had found these two snails on a wall doing whatever it is they are doing so I took a few shots much to the amusement of all the other lads, in fact I got some stick nearly all day but I think they look canny (I know how sad am I).

What are you looking at!!!!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

More in hope than expectation

Called at Kibblesworth brick works this morning to see if anything was on the wing, there wasn’t. However, I did manage a couple of shots of a newly emerged Dragonfly (I think four spot but not sure). Some exuvia around so I though there might be something flying but I think the weather may have been against me. A quick visit to the reed beds at Birtley proved unsuccessful with only a couple of singing Reed Bunting seen.

Newly emerged Dragonfly

Fly having lunch on a Dragonfly larval

Could this be an Alder Fly?

Reed Bunting


On the way back from the brickwork pools, I came across this sight. Some disgusting person had deliberately left these bags of dog mess along the path.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Just a few shots of a couple of Robin in our Garden.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

My first Dingy Skipper of the year

Here are a few more images taken at work today. Loads of Large Reds around but nothing yet with blue in its name.

Large Red Damselfly

Just emerged

My first Dingy Skipper of the year one of two seen.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Damselflies at work

I was lucky enough to get some shots this morning of a couple of Large Red Damselflies, which had just emerged. Three of the shots of the emerging Damselfly were taken in an end of an old steam boiler that has a habitat, which Damsels and Dragonflies seem to like.

Just emerged Large Red Damselfly

Emerging Large Red Damselfly

Spider checking out the Damselfly

Alan these three shots show the area where the pond is this is where I get most of my images of Butterflies, Damselflies and Dragonflies while at work.

Did a bit of a clean up today

Our Bank Holiday

As I normally work on Bank Holidays, we take ours later. So off we went to Wallington hall. The weather was great, the gardens colourful and the wildlife not bad. I got Blackcap and Spotted Flycatcher in the wood and you just have to take pictures of the Reds. I chased Orange-tip and Small White nearly all day and just got a handful of half-decent shots. Anyway, it was a great day out.

Back home I took a walk along the local burn and was rewarded with Dipper and Grey Wagtail.


Red Squirrel

I haven’t a clue what this Thrush was doing; it wasn’t singing it just stood there for ages with its beak open

Spotted Flycatcher


Female Orange-tip

Grey Wagtail

Ready for take off


Displaying Dipper