Thursday, 30 June 2016

Yesterday at work

Haven’t had much to take pictures of at work for the last few days so I was surprised yesterday, given what the weather was like, to find a few opportunities to get some shots. My first (hopefully) Southern Hawker of the year, at least three Ringlets, a couple of Common Blue and Meadow Brow.

Hopefully a Southern Hawker but probably not 

Common Blue


Meadow Brow

Friday, 24 June 2016

The Emperor

A walk around Black Plantation & Kibblesworth produced a couple of first of the year (and one first ever in the shape of (a rubbish shot of) a Brimstone Moth) for me today. The first, first of the year was a Ringlet Butterfly at BP the second first was an Emperor Dragonfly at Kibblesworth.

Speckled Wood


Rubbish shot of a Brimstone Moth

Another rubbish shot

Large Skipper

Can anyone recommend a good book so I can identify moths?

A well-worn Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Emperor Dragonfly always too far away to get any decent shots but well worth the try.

Emperor Dragonfly with lunch

Emperor Dragonfly with lunch

Newly emerged Common Darter

Four-spotted Chaser ovipositing

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bempton Cliffs

We had a day down at Bempton Cliffs last week with a couple of friends of ours and what a canny day it was. I know Bempton is supposed to be mainly about the Gannets, but I found trying to get decent shots of the Razorbill and Guillemot in flight much more of a challenge. I took loads of shots here are just a few of my efforts. Oh and I am still going through the images I took in Scotland so I will be posting more of them later.

Gannet having a good shake

Looking up

Nesting material


Trying to get a catch light in the eye is nigh on impossible

About to land



About to land


Saturday, 18 June 2016

Ring Ouzel

A few more from Scotland (even more to come) this time a pair of Ring Ouzel feeding young these were taken on the Cairngorm.


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Just back from Scotland

Have been on holiday for a couple of weeks in Scotland and I am still going through the (far too many) pictures I took so there will be more to come. Here are a few of a Heron catching what I think is a large Trout.


Trying to swallow



How it was able to fly off with that fish inside I have know idea.