Friday, 6 March 2015

Back For Dippers

I went back yesterday to see if I could get any better shots of the Dippers. I was just getting closer inch by inch to one when a massive dog, a cross between a German Shepherd and another huge thing, came bounding along and jumped right into the stream where the Dipper had been. The owners were shouting “don’t worry it wont hurt you its only a puppy” (if that was a puppy god help them when it grows up, it was massive) they weren’t even trying to call it off. Anyway that was the last I saw of the Dippers so it was off to Burdon Moor. The last three pictures were the only things I saw there and I have put them in simply because they were the only things I saw there which is rubbish I know.



Grey Wagtail

Magpie on a gate

A rubbish shot of a Buzzard

Singing Thrush (is spring around the corner)

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