Sunday, 31 May 2015

A lifer but no decent pictures

I started yesterday with a trip to Bothal Pond for the Black-winged Pratincole, which I picked up straight away with the help of a couple of gentlemen who had their scopes focused on it. Unfortunately, it was at the other end of the water to where we were, and it stayed there for the three hours I was there. I was hoping for some flight shots but only got the ones you can see below and none of them are of the Pratincole. I did take a few record shots; suffice to say that at least I know what it is. I left slightly disappointed to do some jobs around the garden. After a bite of bait, it was off to Muggleswick to try for Spotted Flycatcher, dipped, but I did manage to get some close views of a cracking male Pied Flycatcher (the car is a wonderful hide).

Mute Swan



Greylag Geese

Wood Pigeon

Meadow Pipit (Muggelswick)

Grey Partridge


Pied Flycatcher


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