Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Scotland Week 1

Have been back from a fortnights holiday in Scotland for a few of days now and have just managed to get through the pictures I took during week one ( I will start week two soon). We were stayed for the first week in a fantastic cottage called The Cowshed in Lettoch near Killiecrankie the views were stunning and the owners Steve & Kirsty could not have been more welcoming, have a look at or, we will be back.
I spent most early mornings and late afternoons trying to get shots of the Swallows, House Martins and Starlings that were all nesting in the eaves of the cottages. Roe Deer were in the field at the back of the cottage and Buzzards flew above it, a great place to spend a holiday.
We did a lot of touristy things visiting Loch of the Lowes, Scone Palace, Glamis Castle and Blair Castle while I tried to sneak a little wildlife photography in along the way.

A panoramic view from the Cowshed

A great view in the summer it must be awesome in the autumn

Buzzard in a tree opposite the cottage



House Martin

Starling with grub

Take off

Starling (hard work trying to catch them in flight)

Early morning Roe Buck

Roe Buck

Scone Palace

Glamis Castle

Piper outside Blair Castle

Ospreys at Loch of the Lowes

Great Crested Grebe

Oystercatcher seemed to be everywhere this one was at Scone Palace

This juvenile was at Blair Castle

Tufted Duck

Tufted Duck

This Common Gull was nesting in a bush next to a small bridge across a lake at Blair Castle. Every time visitors went over the bridge, the gull flew up and mobbed them.

It would also land on the railings of the bridge and protest loudly

Coot eating the flowers from Lilly Pads again at Blair Castle

Spotted Flycatcher at Dunkeld

I have not seen a white Deer before, this one was on a shall hillside just outside Dunkeld

This canoeist on the river Tay was training for an upcoming event

Common Sandpiper

My first Dragonfly of the year a Golden-ringed Dragonfly

Loads of Green-veined Whites were around this one had just emerged

A day flying moth (Speckled Yellow?)

I don’t have a clue what type of fly this is but one minute it was happily sitting on a wall the next…..

… was in the beak of a Blackbird, it happened so fast and the bird was so close I only manage one shot and its not that sharp but hey.


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  1. Lovely shots Ron, especially like the golden-ringed, my number one target this summer, seen a few over the years but never managed a photo yet. And don't think I've ever seen a gull in a tree, never mind nesting in one :-O