Friday, 24 June 2016

The Emperor

A walk around Black Plantation & Kibblesworth produced a couple of first of the year (and one first ever in the shape of (a rubbish shot of) a Brimstone Moth) for me today. The first, first of the year was a Ringlet Butterfly at BP the second first was an Emperor Dragonfly at Kibblesworth.

Speckled Wood


Rubbish shot of a Brimstone Moth

Another rubbish shot

Large Skipper

Can anyone recommend a good book so I can identify moths?

A well-worn Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Emperor Dragonfly always too far away to get any decent shots but well worth the try.

Emperor Dragonfly with lunch

Emperor Dragonfly with lunch

Newly emerged Common Darter

Four-spotted Chaser ovipositing


  1. I think your first shot of the Emperor is excellent Ron, shows it in its element, speed over the water.
    I'm not much use at moth ID either, too many species, too many variations, I usually ask the experts on twitter if baffled.

  2. Cheers Alan. I usually use the internet for ID but you're right there are far too many variations and far too many moths.

  3. This is quite a good one Ron.

  4. Thanks Michael I have just ordered it so hope to get it in the next few days.