Sunday, 14 August 2016


A trip to Far Pastures yesterday more in hope than expectation for, no not Kingfisher, but Dragonflies of which there were none. I did however see a couple of young deer in the field opposite the wood yard. The Kingfisher came as a bonus as I had just called into the hide on the off chance something would be there. I had been in around a quarter of an hour watching two Mallard, two very distant Little Grebe and a Moorhen when the Kingfisher appeared and landed just outside the hide. It then flew down to the bottom end of the pond and stayed there for a while brought up a pellet then it was off and I spent the next half hour watching nothing but water. Next stop was Shibdon Ponds where the only things of note were a couple of Snipe. On the way back to the car, a young Pied Wagtail was catching flies.


Far too far away, to get a decent picture but you can just about see the pellet it’s bringing up.


Young Roe Deer


I love the colour under the wings of this Snipe.

Pied Wagtail catching flies


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