Thursday, 29 September 2016

Tuesday & Wednesday

A few shots from Burdon Moor, Far Pastures, Shibdon Ponds and Causey from the last couple of days.

Kestrel (Burdon Moor)


Its amazing Kestrels manage to hunt as other birds always harass them. Although in this case it appears to be the other way around (it wasn’t)

Red Kite

Buzzard. This and the Kite shot, taken at Far Pastures, where two Moorhen and Mallard were the only other birds seen on the pond

BHG. I’d been given the heads up that there were a few Bar-tailed Godwits at Shibdon unfortunately, when I got there they had gone.

Common Darter at the Causey


Light levels were really low at the Causey. ISO 2500, 1/50 at f4.5

Grey Wagtail


  1. Aye Ron, Far Pasture was great for a couple of weeks when the water level was down. Even the swans came back, but now its back up again everything's away. Did have an Otter on Monday though (briefly) so can't complain :-)

  2. Godwits at Shibdon the last two days
    late afternoon when tide is in

  3. 8 Godwits on Shibdon pond this afternoon at 3-15 pm