Friday, 20 January 2017


Across the border yesterday to Northumberland. First stop was Creswell Ponds where a Black-throated Diver had been spotted unfortunately it wasn’t there when I got there. Next to Druridge Pools where a couple of female Red-breasted Merganser were on the main pond along with a female Goldeneye. Then it was on to East Chevington for the Shore Larks (my reason for going to Northumberland in the first place) that have been there for a while now. They were always distant and were flighty when dog walkers went by however; there was a Snow Bunting among them, which I wasn’t expecting. Also on the beach were a good number of Pied Wagtail a couple of which had a Yellow colouring to the face, not seen this before. I have also included some shots near the end, again taken at East Chevington, for help with identification.

Snow Bunting

Shore Lark

Pied Wagtail with a Yellow colouring to the face

Another Pied Wagtail with a Yellow colouring to the face

Help. I think it is a Black-throated Diver but not sure (big crop as it was way out to sea and I was on the dunes)

As above

Again help with identification please

Again as above

Red-breasted Merganser



  1. Red throated Diver nice fine upward slanting lower part to bill. I think. The Cresswell btd ended up on chev and turned into a Pacific.

  2. Duck are Wigeon. I saw massive flock of 1500 on sea earlier in week.

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  4. Thanks for the ID. I got up for the Pacific on Monday, cracking bird.