Sunday, 5 February 2017

Mandarin Duck

I had never heard of Primrose Nature Reserve Jarrow until a few days ago but that is where I was last Friday. A Mandarin Duck has been there for a while and as a photographer or “togger “ as I believe the derogatory name is for us, (in northern dialect it is someone who plays football) I could not resist the temptation to get some pictures of what is after all a stunning looking bird. However, imagine how daft I felt when I turned up with a togger’s favourite weapon a “long lens” to be told, “You’ll not need that man, it comes up to the fence”. So off I went long lens between my legs (over my shoulder actually) back to the car to get a togger’s second favourite weapon a “shorter lens”. And they were right it did eventually “come up to the fence”.


Kingfisher. Oh for a togger’s favourite weapon when this turned up.

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