Friday, 24 March 2017

Hawfinch & Red Kite

We had a trip to the lakes last week and a visit to Sizergh Castle to see Hawfinch. First morning there, they were a no show so I went back early next morning. There was a Hawfinch watch on that morning so to protect the birds the public were kept well back. One male and one female were seen feeding with Greenfinch. Unfortunately, I only had an hour so only managed half a dozen very distant shots. On the way back over the moors, two Red Kites were flying low over the heather. By the time I stopped the car I was only able to get shots of one of them, L0 which unfortunately has no name.

Female Hawfinch. Taken from distance so a large crop

You can just about see a male Hawfinch popping its head above the grass bank

Red Kite L0


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