Monday, 24 April 2017

Saturday 22nd

Hare, Deer and Fox made for a canny walk around Burdon Moor early Saturday morning. Good numbers of Skylark, Meadow Pipit, Willow Warble & Chiffchaff were also around. If was off to Shibdon Ponds later where a Common Sandpiper showed well but the Godwit was a little distant. Coot were feeding their young on one of the small ponds, I counted at least six. All in all a canny day out.

They were always distant but I nearly got these Hares boxing

He really didn‘t try hard enough.

This Hare was a little closer

I watched this Roe Deer wander across the field towards and stop to have a pee

I stood stock-still but it saw me

And was off

This is the first Fox I have seen for ages. Again, it was distant.

A Pheasant flew out of the wood the Fox had gone into. The fox shot out after it. This the first time I have seen a Fox running at full tilt.

It totally ignored the Hares in the field and chased the Pheasant

It must have failed to catch it as it came back a short time later looking dejected

Singing Skylark

Meadow Pipit

Preening Willow Warbler


The resident Terrapin

Common Sandpiper


Coot feeding young

Young Coot I wouldn’t call it a bonny bird

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