Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Close Encounters of the avian kind

On Monday at work, I had a close encounter with a family of Wrens and a young Robin. The Robin was so close at one point it was sitting on my boot. An equally close encounter was had with a Peregrine last Saturday on the Durham Moors. I wish I could say it was a wild bird but I can’t it is actually a captive. It was sitting on a wall being photographed by two other photographers when I arrived. I could not believe how lucky they were getting shots of this cracking bird but I hung back so as not to disturb them. I was just about to get out of the car when another car pulled up and out got a young female falconer. She called the bird and it flew to her. All three of us then got out of our cars and we had a great conversation (and took some pictures) about this fantastic bird.

Part two of Hook Norton Holiday will follow shortly


Juvenile Robin

We normally use this polystyrene egg as a prop to help describe the object that it is attached to however this young Robin had other ideas. Make up your own caption.

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