Tuesday, 11 September 2018

My two pennies worth…

…from Whitburn and South Gare last week (I have just finished going through all of the images). Three lifers in one day and not one of them found by me but do I care NO!!!!!!

Red-backed Shrike at Whitburn. Always too far away for decent pictures but my first lifer of the day.

Roseate Tern at South Gare. Again too far away but my second lifer of the day.

My third lifer a superb Pomarine Skua.

Having a stretch

Having a snooze. It wasn’t at all bothered by all the birders/photographers and while I was there everyone behaved impeccably.

Ready to take off because the only thing that bothered it was dog walkers

And this is what it thought of said dog walkers


Who do you think you are looking at?

Another dog walker on the beach got too close

Flying toward me

A fly past

Dunlin in flight

Just landed

Playing with the seaweed

Just like the colours of the bird

Sandwich Tern

Juvenile Arctic Tern

Bar-tailed Godwit

Having a good scratch

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