Sunday, 4 November 2018

R-b F & Kestrel

While I was at Seaton Common on Wednesday, I had a look for the Red-breasted Flycatcher at the end of the Zinc Works Road. It showed briefly but was always partially hidden by leaves and twigs. Just before I got these images of a Kestrel my camera and long lens had a bit of an accident. I was about to drive to the lay-by at the end of the Zinc Works Road and had put all my gear into the car when two Short-eared Owls decided to put on a display. I got the camera and tri-pod back out of the car I put the camera and long lens onto the tri-pod and started to carry them to where the owls were. Unfortunately, I had not tightened the lens onto the gimbal head and when I lifted it, the camera and lens fell around five feet to the ground. My heart sank; I thought this is going to cost me but to my delight when I got the camera back onto the tri-pod it was fine there is only one small scratch on the battery pack.

Red-breasted Flycatcher



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