Sunday, 9 February 2020

Burdon Moor

A couple of days ago I had another trip to Burdon Moor. The apparently resident pair of Stonechat were the first birds I saw followed closely by three Skylarks. Three Buzzards were also calling to each other while a couple of Kestrel seemed to be pairing up. The last three images are from a few weeks ago but I forgot to put them on the Blog.

Male Stonechat in the breeze

It came quite close at one point

Female Stonechat

One of three Skylarks

One of three Buzzards

This one was eyeing me up

Too distant for a decent shot

This Kestrel was also giving me the eyeball



These are the images from a few weeks ago. Once again too distant for a decent shot but it’s always nice to see a Kestrel with its lunch.

The bit that got away.

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