Thursday, 30 April 2015

Quite a few pictures

Yesterday morning saw me in the Muggleswick area. The first bird I heard then saw was a Redstart but it was at a distance, it did briefly fly a bit closer but it landed against the light. Loads of Meadow Pipit were around and a Red Kite passed overhead followed by two Buzzards. The Pied Flycatcher was in its usual place and showed well. On the way home, I saw a Mistle Thrush gathering nesting material.
Early afternoon it was Burdon Moor. Again, loads of Meadow Pipit but unfortunately the Whinchat did not put in an appearance while I was there. A pair of Blackcap gave me the run around but I was only able to get a shot of the female. Three female and one male Wheatear were posing well as was the resident Kestrel.

Distant Redstart

Take off
Male Redstart a little closer
Meadow Pipit
Resting Meadow Pipit

Red Kite

Red Kite always nice to see


Second of the pair
Pied Flycatcher
Pied Flycatcher

Gathering nesting material

Is that a cobweb it has in with the moss
Mistle Thrush gathering nesting material
Meadow Pipit

Female Blackcap

Robin feeding
Male Wheatear
Female Wheatear


Another female



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