Monday, 13 July 2015

Bishop Middleham & Wingate Quarries

Last Thursday (9th) I had a look around Bishop Middleham & Wingate quarries. My target at Bishop was Marbled White and I was not disappointed, they were flying in good numbers. At Wingate, I was looking for Northern Brown Argus and I think I have a couple of likely candidates for said butterfly. One butterfly that was flying in good numbers at both sites was the Ringlet, I have never seen so many.

One thing I am going to do is stop taking so many repetitive shots, I filled my boots and then some with Marbled White (and I still don’t think I got the shot I really wanted). In fact, I took so many shots of all the butterflies at both sites that I have only just finished going through them (digital photography just makes you click away).

Marbled White

Lattice Moth

Small Heath

I’m hopeless with moth identification

Same one

A candidate for Northern Brown Argus?

A tatty looking one

Common Blue

Male & Female Common Blue

Brown Argus or Female Common Blue? (it’s not only moths I’m hopeless with)

Brown Argus

Mating Skippers

Dingy Skipper

Ringlet (fantastic numbers of these around)

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