Thursday, 13 October 2016

Far, Thorn & Shib

I thought I would stay fairly local today so I had a drive to Far Pastures in the hope of seeing a Kingfisher or even an Otter, no such luck. A late Migrant Hawker did however put in a brief appearance, as did a Water Rail and a Reed Bunting. Next stop was Thornley Wood. I had not been in the hide long when a Buzzard flew through. It was right in front of the hide and where did I have my camera pointing, at a Nuthatch. Shibdon Ponds was my last port of call and I managed to catch up with the Godwits. A Common Gull was nice to see, as was a Shoveler.

Migrant Hawker

Water Rail

Reed Bunting


Common Gull


Godwit bathing


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