Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Little Owls

Dipped the Woodchat Shrike this morning at Whitburn. After an hour and a half, it had not shown up so I went off to the Trow at Shields. Nothing seen in the bowl but a couple of Little Owl were in their normal places and a large Rabbit (don't think its a Hare) was sitting on the cliff. Back to Whitburn for the Shrike but alas nothing again.

Little Owl

Sleepy Head



  1. Godwits still at Shibdon this afternoon

  2. Thanks George wish I'd stayed local today but at least I got the Little Owls so not a completely wasted day.

  3. Been years since I last saw a Little Owl, so I'm glad to hear there is a reliable spot not far from me! Just moved into the South Gosforth area but have always liked pottering around on the Tyneside coast looking for birds whenever in the region; will be able to do so with rather more regularity now! Any advice on spotting the owls?