Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Friday 28th part 1

Out on Friday morning and a canny morning it was with five new birds for the year.

Little Egret. In this sequence of images, I am not sure if this is a fight or a mating attempt going wrong. One of the Egrets (H J on leg rings) appears to attack or mate with the other one.

For a while, it seems to have the upper hand (if it is an attack)

Then the other one turns the tables…

…and H J flies off

Gadwall and Shoveler

The Gadwall got a little too close so the Shoveler left

Coloured ringed Avocet

Another coloured ringed Avocet

A very showy Grasshopper Warbler

A couple of very dodgy record shots of a Green-winged Teal


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