Saturday, 9 September 2017


I spent Wednesday at Derwent Reservoir with at least three Ospreys two Buzzards and a Peregrine. The Peregrine was mobbing the Ospreys trying, without success, to take the fish they were catching. It even had a go at some Greylag Geese. All the images here are large crops as the birds never came close enough for decent shots.

Peregrine trying to take a fish from an Osprey

Peregrine chasing Greylags

It then turned its attention back to the Ospreys

Landing with a fish

Even this gull thought it might be in with a chance of getting the fish. It eventually left the Osprey alone to finish its lunch

Osprey going into a dive

Two Osprey one carrying a fish

It flew to a branch on the shore line to eat it

While the other one landed in a tree. It was still there when I left

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