Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Catching up

A few (quite a few actually) images taken at work over the last couple of weeks. If there are any misidentifications please feel free to correct me as I am still not very good at identification. A few firsts of the year and even more first time evers.

Female Common Blue Butterfly

My first Common Blue Damselfly? Of the year

Only my second Large Red Damselfly of the year

Small Copper Butterfly of the year

Common Blue Damselfly?


Large Skipper Butterfly

Dragonfly Larva

Mother Shipton Moth

Nomad Bee

Dingy Skipper

Scorpion Fly

Small Phoenix Moth?

Silver Ground Carpet Moth?

Small Yellow Underwing Moth?

Adela Reaumurella Moth?

Carder Bee?

Scarce Umber Moth?

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