Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Dragonfly hunting last Friday at Kibblesworth. Loads of Four-spotted Chaser patrolling their territory and then perching up to have a look round. I did get a very brief glimpse of what could have been Black-tailed Skimmer but it was so quick I cannot be certain. Azure, Blue and Common Damselflies were out in numbers but I saw very few Butterflies. Once again if any of the identification is wrong I'm sorry.

Four-spotted Chaser

Managed a few flight shots but this was the most successful

Male Azure

Female Azure

Male & female Azure

Mating wheel

Female Blue-tailed

Male Blue-tailed

Not sure what type but I hope that is just “Cuckoo Spit”

Blue-tailed mating wheel

Male Blue-tailed

Female (rufescens)

Common Blue mating wheel

Male Common Blue

Large Red Damselfly (not many of these about on Friday)

Male Common Blue

Another male

Large Skipper

Small Copper

Silver Y moth

And again

Silver Ground Carpet moth

Looked through my book and still haven’t got a clue (like most of the moths I have pictures of)