Sunday, 11 June 2017

My target bird…

…metaphorically not literally on Thursday was a duck, a lifer for me. Now quite a few people know where this duck was or indeed is but I am not going to mention it here just in case something happens to it suffice to say it was a Ruddy Duck in the ruddy rain. Another lifer was at Cresswell in the form of Little Gull. By now, the rain had stopped and a Barn Owl was hunting. Reed Warblers were nest building and Common and Sandwich Terns were on the pond. Another canny day out.

Rubbish pictures of a Ruddy Duck

Having a splash around

Getting into a bit of a flap

This GCG took exception to it

And a Coot was wondering what was going on

A pair of GCG with humbugs

What are you looking at?

Little Gull

Sandwich Tern and Little Gull

Common Tern

The Common Tern did not like the Sandwich Tern being on its post so chased it off

Barn Owl

In hunting mode

It flew straight towards the hide with its prey but unfortunately, the reeds were getting in the way

Reed Warbler



  1. I don't think your Ruddy duck pics are rubbish Ron, and the rest are not too shabby either, especially the Barn owl.
    All the best, Gordon

  2. Cheers Gordon I just wish I had seen the duck on a sunny day, it would have made all the difference.