Saturday, 24 July 2021

Durham Moors part two

 Here is some of the other wildlife we saw on the moors last weekend. And just as a matter of interest, this is the last Blog done on this computer as I have a nice shiny new one in a box that I am just about to open. I only hope when I plug my external hard drives in I don’t loose all of my images, wish me luck.

After seeing the adult Wheatear in the spring, it was nice to see the young ones doing well.

My immediate thought for this bird was a young Willow Warbler but now?

As it was for this one.

I was struck by the size of this Pipits feet.

This Common Sandpiper sat on this post long enough for me to rattle off a few shots.

I think the heat was getting to this Pied Wagtail

I wasn’t expecting to see Golden-ringed Dragonfly but both male and female were patrolling along the stream. 

Another bonus was seeing a good number of Dark Green Fritillary butterflies

An Antler Moth was also feeding on the thistles.

Durham Moors part one

 My wife and I had ride up onto the Durham Moors last weekend and what a beautiful day it was. The sun shone all day and it was great to watch and photograph so much wildlife especially these Spotted Flycatchers. There seemed to be so many in the wood it was hard to know where to look (so I have given them their own Blog); they definitely have had a good year.

One of my favourite pictures of the Spotted Flycatchers that I took on the day I just love the way the young bird is looking at the adult bird.

Coming in to feed the young ones.

They did not always like what they were given, like this wasp, but they still ate it.

It’s hard work eating all day.

A youngster calling to be fed.

There were quite a few adult birds around.

The adult birds were feeding the young ones regularly.

A different youngster being fed.

Monday, 19 July 2021

Another visit to Chester-le-Street…

 …and this time I did get what I went for, White-letter-Hairstreak butterfly.

White-letter-Hairstreak butterfly

I have seen loads of Meadow Brown butterflies this year but this is the first time I have managed a picture of one.

Another Meadow Brown butterfly along with a Six-spot Burnet Moth.

Ringlet butterfly

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly

Small Skipper butterfly

One of the brightest Shaded Broad-bar moths I have seen.

In contrast to this one.

Silver Y moth

The same Silver Y

Eristalis intricaria a bumblebee mimic Hoverfly