Friday, 7 May 2021

I’m still way behind…

 …with my picture editing however here are a few from the end of April.

Early morning and my second  Barn Owl of the Year.

As I was walking along a path I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye, it was this Roe Deer.  I managed to fire off a few shots but as you can see, she was too close and I have chopped off the top of her ear. 

I moved and this must have startled her as she ran off to a safer distance.

I spotted this Little Owl on the top of a telegraph pole while I was driving. I stopped the car and as soon as I got the camera through the window, the Owl was off. It landed nearby in this tree and I managed just three shots before it was off once again.

Wednesday, 5 May 2021


 A lifer for me yesterday and I saw it in an unlikely spot, Boldon Business Park. I’m sorry there are a few of the Wryneck in a very similar pose (it is after all a lifer) as it didn’t move around much while I was there the weather might have had something to do with that, it was tipping it down. That said these images do not do this cracking little bird justice. I also got a Sedge Warbler today, a first for the year, at Burdon Moor.


Sedge Warbler

Monday, 3 May 2021

Here are a few first…

 …of the year for me.

My first Barn Owl of the year and it is standing on one leg dozing in the late afternoon sun.

In the hour and twenty minutes I stood and watched this Barn Owl the only movement it made was this slight movement of its head.

There were two Grasshopper Warblers in some scrubland singing then chasing each other. When they stopped they were not bothered about me so I was able to get some canny images.

Male Blackcap one of three seen.

Three Whitethroats were chasing each other around a small bit of scrub. When I got back to the same spot an hour and a half later there were none.

This Whitethroat has been ringed.

Male Brambling.

My first Common Sandpiper of the year.

Then there were two.

This Little Ringed Plover got too close to a Lapwing nest.

It was quickly seen off.

My first Green-veined White butterfly of the year.

And my first Large White.

Sunday, 2 May 2021

Around and About part 2

 More images from a few different locations.

Little Owl.

This Hare ran right past me but unfortunately, I was shooting directly into the sun.

Everyone say Ah.

Distant Snipe. I like how small it looks on the post.

A distant rodding Snipe this is the display the Snipe use to attract a mate the outer feathers make a whirring sound.

Again I just like the way the fence post makes the Snipe look small.

Willow Tit one of two seen.


Willow Warbler.

Blackbird in flight, not the best shot you are ever likely to see but I will keep trying.