Monday, 2 August 2021

Garden Moths

I have had the moth trap out again a few times over the last few weeks here are just some of the moths that have been in it. This time I have been able to identify most of them but some of the micro moths (none here) and even some of the macros still elude me so once again please do not hesitate to correct me if I am wrong. 

I was lucky enough to get this Garden Tiger.

I’ve had a few Buff Arches.

Only the one Pale Prominent.

Clouded Border.

July Highflyer.

Peppered Moth.

Riband Wave.

Small Fan-foot Wave.

Light Emerald.






Large Twin-spot Carpet.

Mottled Beauty.

Large Yellow Underwing. It’s the wide variation in colouring of these moths that make some of them difficult to identify.

Another Large Yellow Underwing.

Clouded Brindle.

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