Thursday, 23 June 2022

Scotland part three

 09.06.22 Another trip to Loch of the Lowes however it was a lot warmer this time. The male Osprey didn’t show at all when we were there but there was plenty of action from the female and the chicks. There are a few from around the cottage too.

Female osprey coming into the nest after a toilet break. Whenever she came back after one of these breaks, she brought a talon full of grass back with her.

A couple of the chicks showed occasionally.

A Jackdaw fly pass.

Taking off to land on her favourite post…

…the camera post.

She kept her talons closed when she landed in the nest but the chicks still got out of the way.

Three chicks this time.

One of the chicks doing what comes naturally while keeping the nest clean.

Going for another toilet break.

She came in with some more nesting material.

A Fallow Deer by the side of the loch.

Fallow Deer chewing the cud.

This one seems to be saying “look at me how pretty am I”.

While I was waiting for the Squirrels this Brown Hare turned up.

It tried to settle but was still wary.

Then the Squirrels did turn up and the Hare was off.

Juvenile Robin.

A House Martin looking for insects on the road.

This one seems to have found them judging by the size of its crop.

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